Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another exercise post...

I am on round two of my class at the gym. It's the graduate class which means it is 30 minutes shorter and no one checks my food journal. And no weekly weigh-ins. When my last class ended in December I had already decided I needed to take the graduate class. I'd lost a decent bit of weight which really made my gym visits more positive. The ladies in my class and I chose to meet up over the holiday break at the same time our class met so we could encourage each other and not lose momentum before the next class. I even kept with the food journal. Holiday food was definitely less of an issue than previous years.

There is this line from a blog post that has been in my mind a lot lately. "I've always thought I was fat. Even when I wasn't. Especially when I wasn't." I'm sure this is a common thought with women. I can remember being 103 lbs in high school and still seeing myself as heavy. I am 5 foot even and 103 lbs is pretty much my ideal healthy weight. My sister didn't weigh any less and probably not any more but she looked tiny. She wore a size smaller than I did and I was jealous. It didn't matter what size I wore and what numbers were on the scale. I thought I was huge. As the pounds came on the thoughts of being fat weren't quite as strong.

At no time in my 40 years of life had I ever dieted AND exercised. I'd done either at one time but never both. Until October 2010 when I started my class at the gym. And it's not that I am dieting so much as portion control. I haven't stopped eating certain foods, I just limit the portion size to what they should be and not what gets served to me in a restaurant. At home my food scale helps quite a bit. I'm not trying to obsess over what I eat, only get it back to a reasonable amount.

And here I am actually looking forward to going to the gym. It's easy to make myself work out now that I see the numbers on the scale drop every week. And I need new clothes. My resting heart rate dropped, my blood pressure dropped and my cholesterol dropped. And my weight. I am almost at 20 lbs lost. And all in a healthy way. No starving myself or popping pills. The last time I lost that much weight was 15 years ago and I was taking diet pills and not eating. It may take longer this time but as I once read, the weight didn't pile on fast and it won't come off fast.

By the time our Grand Canyon backpacking trip comes around I will be able to hike rim to rim without breaking a sweat!

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Sunshine said...

Funny, based on your writing, I always thought of you as tall ;) (strange, I know!).

I'm happy this new exercise-dieting combo is working for you - what better way to get fit than having fun doing it! I'm going to send you the image of a magnet I bought the other day (same day as the Vonnegut quote magnet).

the other Christine