Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow day!

It is Snowpocalypse here in Chicagoland. And that is a perfect description of what is going on outside my window. I got up with the best intention of shoveling sidewalks and walkways surrounding our house but I gave up after clearing the porch, steps and front walkway. And of course, the dog area had to be cleared. The snow is belly deep and deeper which even my powerful pups can't plow through. I shoveled three times yesterday just to keep up. Unfortunately the street cleaning crew just pushes all the street snow over the devil strip and onto the sidewalk. I figured it was useless to shovel our sidewalk when the rest of the block was knee-deep. Besides, I am sore sore sore!

My office in Ohio is also having a snow day. They were closed yesterday also. This means I get a sewing day! Or a movie day. Or a reading day. It's a tough call. Especially since Netflix delivered "Let Me In" yesterday and I've been excited about seeing it. And I am reading The Books of Rachel by Joel Gross which is a very interesting read. A pot of hot tea and my Kindle is heaven!

And then there is the white on white quilt I am determined to finish this year.

White on White

I just love my workroom. The spools of thread on the wall are like jewels with all those colors. I limit my knickknacks because I hate to clean. There is a place for everything and everything in its place. The room is just to small otherwise!

It appears like sewing this morning will win out in the end. I have my Twilight Zone box set to listen to as I work and there are actually a few that I have never seen so reading and a movie will have to wait until later in the day. It started snowing and blowing again outside so shoveling would be a wasted effort right now. I just hope the boy doesn't go batty listening to me work. He couldn't even make it out of our garage and alley and is now working from home. My daytime turf has been invaded!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another exercise post...

I am on round two of my class at the gym. It's the graduate class which means it is 30 minutes shorter and no one checks my food journal. And no weekly weigh-ins. When my last class ended in December I had already decided I needed to take the graduate class. I'd lost a decent bit of weight which really made my gym visits more positive. The ladies in my class and I chose to meet up over the holiday break at the same time our class met so we could encourage each other and not lose momentum before the next class. I even kept with the food journal. Holiday food was definitely less of an issue than previous years.

There is this line from a blog post that has been in my mind a lot lately. "I've always thought I was fat. Even when I wasn't. Especially when I wasn't." I'm sure this is a common thought with women. I can remember being 103 lbs in high school and still seeing myself as heavy. I am 5 foot even and 103 lbs is pretty much my ideal healthy weight. My sister didn't weigh any less and probably not any more but she looked tiny. She wore a size smaller than I did and I was jealous. It didn't matter what size I wore and what numbers were on the scale. I thought I was huge. As the pounds came on the thoughts of being fat weren't quite as strong.

At no time in my 40 years of life had I ever dieted AND exercised. I'd done either at one time but never both. Until October 2010 when I started my class at the gym. And it's not that I am dieting so much as portion control. I haven't stopped eating certain foods, I just limit the portion size to what they should be and not what gets served to me in a restaurant. At home my food scale helps quite a bit. I'm not trying to obsess over what I eat, only get it back to a reasonable amount.

And here I am actually looking forward to going to the gym. It's easy to make myself work out now that I see the numbers on the scale drop every week. And I need new clothes. My resting heart rate dropped, my blood pressure dropped and my cholesterol dropped. And my weight. I am almost at 20 lbs lost. And all in a healthy way. No starving myself or popping pills. The last time I lost that much weight was 15 years ago and I was taking diet pills and not eating. It may take longer this time but as I once read, the weight didn't pile on fast and it won't come off fast.

By the time our Grand Canyon backpacking trip comes around I will be able to hike rim to rim without breaking a sweat!