Saturday, August 07, 2010

August already?

I have been lax in updating my blog lately. I've been working hard on my submissions for some juried art quilt shows so I haven't wanted to upload photos of them until they are done and sent on their merry way.

July was a busy month. We traveled to Ohio to spend the 4th of July weekend with family. The boy turned 40 while out on his two week MegaJam (a yearly cross-country road trip on his motorcycle). I sewed about 60 hours a week. I cleaned the house until it sparkled. The pups and I went on many long walks and played in the backyard. I ordered too much fabric from Fabric.Com because they kept having sales (and at $2.96 a yard, I couldn't pass up adding to my stash). And then the first weekend I bought a new bike and the boy and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary! So here are random photos just to make the post more interesting.

The boy's bike all packed for Megajam 2010

This is the boy's bike all packed up and ready to ride! That is two week's of gear in the cases and dry sacks.

George is hot

George the 2 1/2 year old boxer who is too hot to play in our backyard. He's a rotten dog and I love him! He also hogs the bed at night.

Friday is hot

Friday the 5 year old boxer who is a lemon. Poor girl has very bad allergies and is on a daily dose of steroids and Benedryl.

Yummy fabric!

Lovely, lovely fabric! I have no idea what pattern I will use with these but when I saw the black and white prints I knew I wanted to add some bright Kona cotton solids with them. And the multicolored dot fabric was perfect for a binding. I more fabric than I can possibly use in one year!

My new bicycle

And lastly, my new bicycle (guess which car is mine *laugh*)! My old one was slow and heavy so the boy bought me a new, fast and very light bike for our anniversary (I bought him a painting by our college friend/guy who introduced us). We celebrated 18 years by riding down to the Lincoln Park Zoo for lunch and then to Navy Pier for some live music and a beer. 28 miles round trip but wow does my new bike make it easier to ride than my old one.

So, not quite a sewing post since I don't feel I can share my current projects until after their submitted. I really need to set aside at least one day a week to update here before I get too far behind. I have one more month to work on my juried show projects before photos and forms are due. It makes me very queasy but entering at least one show this year is my goal. I have seen the work that gets chosen and I can't quite accept that I may have a chance also. It's scary and intimidating.


SewSofie said...

Love the fabric!! and the bike. Been meaning to get back on one too! Happy birthday to Mr Linguine and happy anniversary to the both of you!

Naterby said...

What handsome boy and pretty girl George and Friday are. I have a 1 year old boxer, Digby. Boxers are such joyful dogs, mine makes me smile every day.

I am totally inspired by your Suesse Sac and creating one for myself has been put towards the top of my to do list.

Thank you for sharing!

Sunshine said...

The fabrics look delicious, and I'd love to bike 28 miles with a husband of 18 years - what a milestone - one of many, I guess. Way to go finding someone you like enough to spend 18 years (and counting) with!!


SewSofie said...

Havent seen you in a while. HOpe everything is well in your part of the world. When you get a chance, check out this blog entry (it may mention you :) )