Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another two weeks have passed...

I've been lazy about posting here. My current project is too dull to blog about much so I have been avoiding posting about it. The idea is interesting but the step I am on is really maddening.

White on white

It's all about white stitching on white fabric. Lines upon lines upon lines. The piece is 40"x70" and the stitching runs along the length.

Lines and lines and lines and lines

So many lines of stitching! The closer the lines get the slower I need to sew and the longer it takes to get to the finish.

Art quilt process

That bit on the right? Those lines of stitching are a bit more than a threads distance apart. And I am sewing between those. It really was a good idea at the time. And when I see the piece as a whole I like the look of it.

I have two prototype pieces but I can't decide if I should post them. Since this is for a juried art quilt show I wonder if it is a good idea to show more than a small sample. After I send off the photos and application maybe I will feel better about posting images of the whole quilt.

Anyway... since I needed a bit of a break, yesterday I took out some blocks I'd been working on a couple months ago and started sewing them together.

Fingerprint batik

The bright batik print reminds me of fingerprints. The colors are very intense and fun. I got the fabric from Fabric.Com during one of their big sales. That store will be the death of me. They have such bargains and keep sending me coupons so I order more. They had a big sale last week and sent me a 30% off coupon so I just had to order more fabric. I went with many prints good for binding and even some browns!

Fingerprint batik

So anyway, that is where I got these amazing batiks! And with some diligent sewing, I actually managed to get really good points!

I'd really like to get some sewing in before work but I desperately need to work on getting my headache under control. We're had so many ups and downs in temperature and sunny/rainy days that my headaches have been piling on one after another. And I've had insomnia the past two days so it's like all my headache triggers are ganging up on me. I have about 3 hours to get this under control so I can focus on work.


SewSofie said...

That quilting is just craziness!! I can understand why you've got a headache. I love the look of it too. Im not sure of what a batik fabric is to be honest but I like the fingerprint pattern.

Sunshine said...

That fabric totally looks like fingerprints and the quilt design is really neat! Do I see correctly that the circles are raw edge appliqued? Did you use CDs as shape or something else to cut out the circles?

That quilting is pretty amazing. I can't imagine how slowly you have to go to get those lines straight and even... I'm assuming this will be a floor or wall quilt? :) The pattern reminds me of what fabric-woven rugs look like, with all those rows.


Oops-Lah said...

wow, that white fabric is looking fantastic with all the quilting you've done (don't get "snow blind" with all that whiteness;). I'm really looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it. And yes, I too think that the batik looks like finger prints. How fun!

Sunshine said...

How's it going quilting all those white lines?