Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Suesse Sac

I am a fan of StumbleUpon and the other day I stumbled upon an article talking about summer purses. I'm not into purses as I once was (I was a big fan of tin lunchbox purses for years) but my Timbuk2 Metro Daypack is a bit heavy for summertime even though I adore it to pieces. I needed something lighter and less bulky. So I Googled patterns and found the Suesse Sac Tutorial. It looked very cute and easy to sew so I decided to give it a go.

I went through all my fabric and decided to use a print instead of my stash of batiks I am saving for art quilts. I found the following and wondered what possessed me to buy it. I am not really into butterflies or the 1970's flower design on the fabric on the far left. I can only guess it was the colors because I love the colors.

Suesse Sac fabric

I do love the 3rd and 4th prints in the lineup. I think I bought them as a bundle. It's almost a curse, buying fabric online and not seeing the prints in person. Sometimes the pattern is too large, sometimes too small. But since I loved the color I thought this would be a good project to use the fabric.

Suesse Sac pattern

My pattern is a bit different than the one on the tutorial. I made the bag a bit taller and wider and the straps are longer. I wanted the bag to sit closer to my hip and large enough to slide my Kindle inside. The height and width are each 2 inches larger than the one in the tutorial.

Suesse Sac pattern being traced

Because I didn't want a whacked out piece of fabric, I cut the strap as a second piece instead of one long bit out of the middle of the fabric. The pattern is to be set on a fold of fabric so I only cut to where the curve of the strap goes straight and then cut the rest of the strap from another part of the fabric. Strange butterfly fabric goes inside to kind of hide it.

Cotting blocks

These are blocks for one outside piece of the sac. I love my rotary cutter. It is an Olfa with a really nice locking mechanism so when I drop the darned thing on the floor I am less likely to chop off one of my toes. It is much more ergonomic than my old one and I love how the blade comes out when I unlock it and grasp the handle.

Pocket pieces

These are my block pieces. I changed things up and added half blocks instead of using all 4" blocks. The 1970's flower prints were so bold that I wanted to make them less eye-popping so the other prints would stand out more. The larger black floral pieces are for interior pockets. I like an organized purse so pockets are a must.


Gratuitous sexy photo of Betsy She just got her guts cleaned the day before so she is a happy little machine. Poor girl was stuffed full to the brim with quilting fluff. I am getting faster with the cleaning process and Monday's cleaning was done in less than an hour.

Interior piece with pocket

This is an interior piece with the pocket attached. The butterflies are not as annoying as I thought they would be. I'm actually starting to like the print!

Using an interior piece as a template

Here I am using my interior piece as a pattern template for the exterior block side. I decided I wanted a bit more stability to the fabric so I added some heavy duty iron-on interfacing.The stuff scorches like nothing I've ever seen before. But it won't show once the sac is finished so I won't worry.

Suesse Sac interior pieces

This is the interior of the sac. I sewed the interior and exterior pieces together and then turned them inside out. Or would that be outside in? It took forever to turn those straps because the interfacing was so stiff. I used my trusty bamboo knitting needle to help things along.

Suesse Sac exterior pieces

Exterior side!I like the unevenness of the block side, not having the blocks match up.I especially love the daisy print. The green is so citrussy and happy. I typically wear black always (a habit from my days as an art student... printing ink and fabric dyes are well-hidden by black clothing) so I like to brighten things up with accessories. And since I really finished up my design wall I can lay fabric smoothly on it and stick pins in it easily when necessary. The boy picked up some foam core stuff from the hardware store and I covered it with a white flannel sheet attached with duct tape and hung it on the wall. It was the process from Hell! And I ran out of duct tape so I still need to tape up one corner. But damned if it isn't a hundred times better than what I had before.

So in the interest of the Process Pledge, this is my current project to date. It isn't a quilt but when I can't decide on starting a new quilt or finishing up a quilt top I go for a side project. I will finish it up this afternoon. Yesterday I broke 3 needles sewing over pins. I really need to sew over them slower or remove them altogether when I get close. I also learned that I sew a nice 1/4" seam when I sew faster. The slower I sew, the more uneven the seam.

Hopefully my workday will flash by so I can go back upstairs and finish off this fun little Suesse Sac! I may even make a second one with my Laura Gunn Poppies or Lantern fabric. I think either of those would make a sweet Suesse Sac.

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Julie said...

That looks fantastic. I kind of love all the fabric, a lot.