Sunday, May 02, 2010

Quilt dreams

Last night was horrible. My dog George had something caught in his throat (we're thinking a bit of Nylabone he is currently destroying) and woke up coughing about every half hour or so. This happens every so often so it isn't anything to worry about, it's like having a hair caught in your throat (a dog hair in my experience... no more smooching pups!). I woke a little before 1am because I was hot and soon after George started his coughing. I counted down the clock chimes until  just before 5am when I finally fell asleep. In between 1am and 5am we had many bouts of coughing dog, some animal in the alley being tortured, a skunk spraying and a very loud and very scary thunderstorm. I just could not get back to sleep!

So while I laid in bed begging for the sleep monster to revisit me all I could do was think about sewing. I kept wishing I could just get up and start sewing. Except my workroom is right next to the bedroom so the boy would be able to hear as I chugged away on Betsy. I have this amazing fabric I bought a while back and have been itching to cut into.


The fishies, shells and bubbles are Timeless Treasures by Luli Sanchez and the circle prints are Wheels by My Mind's Eye. All were purchased from Hawthorne Threads. I was browsing there one afternoon and just fell in love with those goldfish. And unfortunately I had absolutely nothing in my stash that would go with it so I had to order some coordinating prints. That brown circle print? It's one of the very few browns I have in my stash. In fact, it is only one of two brown prints I have in my stash. The other brown is a circle/dot print I bought because it matched some other fabric I had.

Browns are my weakness. I don't wear brown, I don't decorate my home in browns and I don't sew with browns. I consider the browns in my stash a challenge. I want to be able to incorporate all colors when I sew because I may need that brown somewhere. And with that goldfish fabric, I needed a brown to balance out the blues and oranges.

Last night all I could do was imagine different patterns for this fabric. I think I want to do circles to keep with the theme. And anyway, I am really enjoying working with circles! Circles in a block amuse me. they just look so snazzy. And I imagined that fabric in some pretty interesting ways last night. I just wish I had been able to get going with it!


SewSofie said...

I love the fish print and the coordinates!! So cool. YOu have a fantastic eye for colour. Again.. cant wait to see what you do with it. Im sure it will be gorgeous.

Sunshine said...

Ugh, I hate nights like that. I live downtown, so on non-rainy nights between Wed and Sat I often get wake-up call from drunks hollering down the street when the bars close, not fun!

I love timeless treasures fabrics - they're such great quality, always go through the wash well and iron nicely. Look forward to what you'll be using that collection for!

the other Christine :)

PS: how fitting the verification word is 'blogi' !!