Thursday, May 27, 2010

I have a new purse!

Tuesday I started my Suesse Sac and I was so excited yesterday to finish it I raced right upstairs after work. The colors are so damned cheery and the print is fun! The butterflies really grew on me as I sewed. I'm still glad the butterfly print was put on the interior though, it would have been a bit too much with the blocks.

I did a bad thing by forgetting to adjust my needle position when I started sewing the bag sides together. I had a huge seam allowance on it which I really couldn't easily rip out and start over due to the heavy duty iron-on interfacing I'd added to the inside fabric. The stuff really does give the bag more form but it is difficult to work with. I broke a total of 7 needles on this purse. 7! The seams on the blocks added to the interfacing made certain areas really rough to get a needle through. I had to sew slowly and if the needle hit a hard spot, I moved the fabric forward in tiny increments until I got past it. I've never broken so many needles on one project before. Usually it is because I hit a pin but not this time!

So, without further ado, photos!

Front of Suesse Sac

This is the front of the purse. I added a loop and button closure to keep my goodies more secure. I wish I'd thought ahead a bit in this and been able to sew the end of the loop between the fabric sides when I was putting it together. The loop is stitched to the inside of the purse and just looks a bit lumpy.

Back of Suesse Sac

The back of the purse. Really nothing more to say about that!

Interior of Suesse Sac

The interior of the purse. I added a split pocket to the one side and then a larger single pocket to the back. I am hoping the pocket is as level as I think it is. It's difficult to tell because the bag bottom is not flat. I was tempted to cut it even but then I decided I liked the curve it has.

Things I would do different if I make another? I would try a lightweight interfacing or quilt batting. With quilt batting I could do some thread sketching which I am very fond of. I'd also think of closure types before starting. I'd like to see a zipper inside or maybe one of those magnet closures. Velcro works but sometimes the sound is really, really loud and embarrassing. I'd also make the straps wider. They were 2" and I wavered between making them 3" but I thought that would be too wide. I shouldn't have second guessed myself. I would also do a different pocket system, maybe an internal one between the interior and exterior fabric so all I need to do is make a slit in the interior fabric.

I am happy with the size since I expanded it in the pattern. The bag is 9" deep, 15" wide at the bottom, 12" wide at the top of the bag and hangs 22" from the top of the strap to the bottom of the bag. It's a good size for me. My quilted Kindle bag fits in there nicely and isn't overly bulky. The tutorial was easy to follow and I really like the final product. I cannot wait to use my new purse!


Sunshine said...

I know exactly how you feel - it's great to finish your own purse, and so amazing that out of flat fabric, this three-dimensional useful beautiful thing can be created!

Congratulations on your finish, bet you'll get lots of comments on this when you take it out for summer strolls!


SewSofie said...

Loving those fabrics you've used. The patchwork is beautiful. I totally agree with the butterflies on the inside. The solid flower fabric allows the patchwork to stand out.
Im glad you had 7 spare needles! Nothing more frustrating than breaking needles and not having spares. Ive worked with super hard interfacing and have broken broken my fair share of needles... but never 7!! Good on you for keeping with it. I would have thrown it by the wayside at needle 4 or 5.

Karen said... it! I MUST get some of that fabric!