Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wedding quilt!

Since the quilt has now been received I can finally post photos!

I whipped up this quilt for my husband's cousin and fiance (now, wife). I knew I had to find some nature-oriented fabric because they both enjoy hiking and being outside. The big question would be color. And then I saw photos of the interior of their home and knew I wouldn't be stuck using earth tones entirely.  If I had my way everything would be bright and eye-blindingly cheerful!

The fabric came from Hawthorne Threads because it's the first place I go for printed fabric. Some of the fabric is from Joel Dewberry's Ginseng line, Studio E's Nature-ology line (the pretty blue birdies!) and Carolyn Gavin's Wild Thyme line. The colors reminded me of the wall color in the photos and were cheerful without making me go blind. And they weren't all browns and greens.

Jeff and Sunshine's wedding quilt

I wend with a simple square design because the fabric pattern was large and I wanted to showcase it rather than using it in smaller pieces in a traditional block pattern. And because I misordered the mulberry color print I decided to add a larger block of it to break up the monotony. 

Closeup of the wedding quilt

I lovelovelove that blue bird fabric from Studio E's Nature-ology line. It was my favorite out of all the  fabric because it looks so happy and lucky. Probably because I've watched that Shirley Temple movie so often, The Blue Bird. I really should buy more because it makes me so happy but I just do not like sewing with an earthy palette. It was the one animal print I wanted to use. And I loved the simplicity of the florals just being solid and not to chintzy. It gave the quilt a more modern look rather than something grandmotherly.

Quilt back

When I first started quilting I just used a solid color quilt back. After reading some quilting blogs and seeing the quilt backs with more quilting I fell in love with the look. I like adding an off-center strip of fabrics used on the top. It breaks up the starkness of the back and can be a good way to add in a quilt label. Here I added a corner label where I tested my machine's letter stitching capabilities.

I had THE WORST TIME machine quilting this. The quilt was about 68"x68" and much larger than what I usually sew. It was so heavy to push through the machine and the weight caused my quilting to be jerky and not have nice smooth stippled curves. And because I quilted with a sage green thread, the flaws really stand out when you look close on the back. Overall I am happy with how the quilt turned out but damn if those flaws don't haunt me. I really need my machine sewing area to be level with the table. And I need an L-shaped sewing area instead of the long and narrow table I use now.

Right now I am working on another large quilt (about 65"x75") that I cannot really post photos of since it is also a gift.  I'm doing a LOT of applique and thread sketching. This one uses all hand-dyed (not by me) fabric so I am very excited. I love batiks and hand-dyed fabrics. The mottled look really adds texture and dimension without being lost in a print. I feel more creative when I sew with batiks/hand-dyed. I use the prints as practice and the dyed stuff as a means to creativity.

Friday posing in front of the wedding quilt

And with that, I give you Friday! She had to be in the photo shoot. George moved around too much but Friday managed to hold still long enough for one photo.


Julie said...

That's gorgeous! I really, really love the back too.

SewSofie said...

Wow those colours and fabric patterns work so well together. I love it! And I too LOVE the blue bird fabric and movie :) I would never have been brave enough to quilt that on my machine at home. You've done a beautiful job. Remember that you are your own worst critic :) Nobody will be as hard on you about your work as you are! Cant wait to see the next finished quilt.

Sunshine said...

That's a nice line of fabric and I love the off-set arrangement! Very beautiful quilt - what size is it?