Thursday, April 01, 2010

Too large...

I finally got the large gift quilt on my frame. It's... it's... it's really too scary for words! Even the dogs are scared!

Extended quilt frame and scared dogs

The frame extends to 96". I work in a 10'x10' room. That's 120"x120" with a whole lot of furniture crammed against 3 walls. I could only fit the extended frame i the room diagonally and with one end in the closet.

Extended quilt frame

This is the view from outside my room. I have about 8" in which I can move the frame to get in and out of the work space by my desk. I have just enough room to roll on my chair from frame end to frame end. I love rolly chairs! Seriously, I cannot believe how much easier pin basting on a frame is while sitting on a rolly chair.

Just another work day

The dogs (the fawn is Friday and the brindle is George) were pretty freaked out as I was extending the frame length. Friday cowered on the couch and George shivered. Friday has since braved the room and now runs back and forth underneath the frame since I am somewhat trapped in a corner as I work. George has pretty much refused to come into the room.

But I am hoping I can get this finished up and off the frame today. I need to quilt everything together and bind it ASAP so I can mail it off. This is the first large (70"x70") non-baby quilt I've quilted/given away in YEARS. I'm a little nervous that the recipients may not like the colors I chose. And just in case one of them sees this blog, I am not posting photos until after it's been delivered.

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SewSofie said...

I LOVE your dogs!! Ive always loved boxers. So much personality. I myself have a staffy. Shes a wonderful dog too although moving on in years.
They do look alittle freaked. All that panting is a sure sign. Good luck with the basting.