Friday, April 30, 2010

Too busy sewing and traveling to post...

I drove out to Ohio last weekend for my nephew's birthday and had a couple moments where I wondered what I was supposed to be doing since I was not sewing. It was a strange couple of days not having my machine and current project with me.

Batik goodness

Because I am working on another gift I cannot post photos for another two weeks (but the photo above shows e fabric I am using). Two weeks! It doesn't seem nearly long enough although I am almost done with the top. My goal this weekend is to get the entire top sewn. It is a whole cloth quilt with lots of applique. Lots and lots. And plenty of thread sketching. Tons! It's pretty daunting. I have these grand ideas when it comes to quilting and sometimes they don't work but so far *fingers crossed* this is coming out just about how I  envisioned.

But since I cannot post photos of my current WIP, here is some stash photos. I love shopping at Fabric.Com.  It's scary. They really have killer deals on fabric that I just cannot pass up. And online coupons! I have so much fabric from them. And more on the way... those deals!


I needed some hand-dyed stash. Well, not needed but wanted. Wanted badly. This was sooooo inexpensive.

Fingerprinty-looking batiks!

I adore these. In fact I already started sewing with them (but I forgot to upload photos of the blocks for show and tell). The colors are so bright and cheery and the batik pattern reminds me of finger prints when you look at the yardage.


These batiks are much more earthy than I go for but when it comes to oranges I am sold. Which is somewhat funny because I do not have a whole lot of orange fabric. I can't wait to do something warm and sunny with these.

Even more batiks!

A few more earthy colors but I was sold on the pattern within the fabric. And the price didn't hurt. Not a bit. Nuhuh.

So now I have so much fabric (and did I mention, more on the way?) and not enough time! And 5 quilts I need to get up on Etsy so I can hopefully sell them and make room for more quilts.


Grey Cat Quilts said...

I totally share your addiction to I actually cannot allow myself to visit that site when I'm adhering to a budget because there is so much temptation there!

SewSofie said...

Those colours are so bright. I love it!