Friday, March 05, 2010

Workspace tour

For the past year I have been trying to set up my workspace so the 10'x10' room had the most bang for its buck. The room also doubles as a guest room so I need my space to be organized and uncluttered while still being guest-friendly. The boy has been great with building things like a shelving unit that sits over the radiator and under the window, a peg board to hold and various tools of destruction/creation and a frakking amazing spool holder that I somehow managed to overload with thread. I can't believe I started out sewing on an ironing board!

My current quandary is how do I fit everything I have into this small space and also keep it as a guest room? (I've stored the quilting frame in another room and folded down the ironing board and shoved it in the closet while I took photos.)

Working area
My lovely Ikea desk/table along with the killer spool holder and new spinny office chair. I keep my laptop handy so I can watch Hulu while I sew. And on the table is the current quilt on which I am hand-sewing the binding. Tedious at times but it looks so nice when I am done. Next quilt though I am testing the machine binding tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts.

Storage unit
The boy made this storage unit for me which made good use of wasted space. I have so many bins of fabric but from what I've seen on other quilt blogs, my little collection is nothing!

Old Singer table
A hand-me-down from my mom that some day I hope to refinish. I wish I sewed small things so I could use the sewing table but even my Ikea table feels cramped when I make baby quilts.

I got the idea from another blog that had crafting supplies hanging from their pegboard. I wanted a place where I could keep my scissors and rotary cutter handy and still out of the way. Now I do not have to rummage through bins to find what I need!

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