Friday, March 26, 2010

Rage to art

I've been really irritated this week. Things I've seen and read in the news have just rubbed me the wrong way. Especially when I get on certain social networking sites and see the misinformed status messages from some people.

Today after work I went upstairs to get an image onto fabric. Rage. I just feel rage. I'm not one to smash things or yell at people. I bottle things in. But fabric therapy is good.

Hooping it up

Since I had some problems with thread sketching the hiking boots quilt I decided to give an embroidery hoop a shot. And it worked! For the most part... the hoop I have is made of a thick resin and I had problems placing it underneath the sewing area. I could only get it in place after I removed the sewing needle and foot.

Getting ready to add a face

The face looks goofy once I got it appliqued in place. I've never attempted a face in fabric before. Oh the things I find in my stash... enough fabric in just the right color for two faces! (I biffed the first try so what I'm posting is my second atempt.)

The hoop works!

The hoop is 12" across and kept the fabric and batting from getting totally warped out as I sewed and sewed and sewed those red rings. There was a bit of warp but not enough to really stress me out.


The face just isn't pissy enough. Overall I am pleased with the finished face but it's just not pissy enough! The fabric for the hair is a scrap of this freakin' awesome batik fabric I bought about 9 years ago. I wish I had more of it because I've been hoarding the little bit that's left. It is just perfect for what I needed.

This piece isn't finished at all. I want to stitch some wording in the black but I'm still plotting that out. I'm not sure I feel totally rage-free after completing what I did but I feel pleased with the piece. And overall, that is what matters. Inspiration comes in many forms.


Julie said...

That is completely awesome! I wish I could do things like that.

SewSofie said...

Ive been feeling the same way this week!! Fabric therapy is fantastic. That swirly red rage is a perfect representation. Are you going to make it into something?