Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On the frame...

I finally got another quilt on the frame. The first time I used the quilting frame I had to pin and repin the layers together because the backing was more taut than the batting and top. SUCH a pain since I'd used little quilters safety pins. And boy howdy did I pin baste the hell out of it! Even using my crochet hook to help remove the pins, my fingers ached at the end.

The frame itself is wonderful! I purchased the Grace EZ3 Fabri-Fast Hand Quilting Frame which I finished with a natural Danish oil to strengthen the wood. It was fairly easy to put together once I figured out the illustrated instructions. Some of those steps were tricky! I decided to get a frame because my dining room table was getting beat up during the basting and floors aren't so convenient when you have two boxer pups trying to lend a hand. The frame folds up pretty tight so I can store it when guests arrive.

Quilt on the frame

I do have to put my ironing board away when I'm using the quilting frame but I really have no need of it during that step. And I finally have a rolly office chair which is soooo much comfortable than the folding chair I had been using for the last couple years. The best thing about the rolly chair is I can roll along as I use the quilting frame! It makes the process so much more fluid.

Also, my quilters safety pins are gathering dust once I started using fork pins. These things are thinner gauge and the sewing machine needle just glides right over them as I sew. I was always bending the straight pins or having to stop to remove the safety pins. These things are a time saver!

Fork pins

So today's goal is to get the quilt on the frame all pin basted before I have to get ready for dinner out with friends.

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