Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fabric goodness...

Monday morning as I was doing my daily blog reading I had a surprise waiting for me. I'd won a yard of fabric from the previous Friday's "Free Fabric Friday" post on Sew, Mama, Sew! I saw my name posted... well, I saw the name Christine posted and when I put my mouse over the linked name I squealed like a little girl. My name linked to my blog!

The giveaway question was For your chance to win one yard of free fabric (6 winners!), please do one of the following:
Tell us the title and author of your favorite quilting book. (Please try to limit it to 1 or 2.)
If you’re not into quilting (yet) or quilting books, tell us what, if anything you’d like to learn about quilting. Or, tell us one of your sewing goals for 2010.

My response:
"The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide: From A to Z– Hundreds of Tips and Techniques for Successful Quiltmaking by Ellen Pahl is pretty much my quilting bible. I’ve been teaching myself to quilt since the 1990’s and last year I found this book and it’s helped me sooooo much with all the techniques I’d been struggling with.

Also, my 2010 goal is to get an art quilt submitted to at least one juried show. All I want is for one quilt to be accepted, I don’t care about winning any ribbons. Getting accepted is enough of a start for me!"

I was so surprised because, for people who read their blog, you know how many people comment on their posts. I've been commenting to win on their giveaways for months but I never thought I'd actually win! And I did! And not only did I win a free yard of fabric, I got to choose what fabric I wanted! And it was not an easy decision. But I had to pick something so I went with Poppy Bouquet Lime from Laura Gunn's Poppy line since it was the one fabric I did not already have from that line.

Thanks Sew, Mama, Sew!

And because they are pretty, these are the batiks I bought for a retirement quilt I will be working on once I order some 108" wide fabric.

Batik goodness

I love batiks over all other prints. I struggle with prints because they don't feel as free to work with like batiks and solids. Which is frustrating because there are so many amazing prints out there! Laura Gunn's Poppy and Lanterns lines are incredible and I've bought just about every print from each line. And I have yet to cut into them. They are too lovely and I am afraid I will ruin them. Hopefully I will get over that because I can't wait to see what I do come up with for them.

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SewSofie said...

That fabric is gorgeous. Congrats! Nothing better for a fabric fanatic than free fabric :)