Saturday, March 20, 2010

Circle quilt almost finished!

I don't have photos today because I forgot to take some and currently we have a houseguest sleeping in the room where the quilt is pinned to my design board. (Or would that be design curtain since it is a white flannel sheet handing from a decorative rod?) I really wanted to quilt it in circles but my circles looked more like loops so loops it stayed! My free-form machine quilted circles need much practice.

But overall the quilt looks good. I can't wait to put the binding on it and mark one more top as finished.

Next up, the yellow and black quilt!

Yellow & Black

I bought the fabric online and when I got it I was unsure what to do with it. Most always I buy fabric because it caught my eye, not because I have specific plans for it. I loved this bundle of fabric from Hawthorne Threads and knew I had to have it. I swear every time I buy fabric the print is sooooo much larger than I had thought it would be. I have no idea what to do with large prints! Luckily I had some solid yellow in my stash that really brought out the yellow within the prints. I am pretty pleased with the overall look but sometimes I wonder if that lower right corner fits with the rest of the block.

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