Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another one down...

Sunday I finished up the circles quilt. I whipped up a binding from the prints in the quilt top and got to work pinning and machine stitching it to the front.


This time around I decided to try the machine binding tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts. Usually I machine sew the binding to the front then fold the binding over and hand sew it to the back with an invisible ladder stitch. Hand stitching a baby quilt takes a good 6+ hours and I really just had no desire to spend that kind of time when I have so many quilt tops that need sandwiched. So I gave the machine stitch tutorial a go.


I made a cheater line to follow above the stitch where I machine sewed the binding to the quilt top. The fork pins are great at keeping the binding pinned down without making all those layers overly bulky. I am enamored of those pins. I need to order more because while they are nice and thin for sewing over, they do break easily if the machine needle hits it just right.


The other thing about those fork pins... twice as many sharp points poking me in my hands and other soft body parts as I sew my way around the quilt. *ouch* I have bled more because of this quilt than any other I've done so far. Those needles really did a number on me as I pin basted the layers on my quilt frame!


My overall thought on an all machine-sewn binding... I need more practice! The tutorial is great but I need to move the back binding bits closer to the machine sewn line. I had way too much loose binding on the back. It isn't terrible by any means. It's just that it isn't quite the look I was going for. I still prefer the hand-sewn look but perfecting the machine-sewn binding technique would really save a LOT of time. I highly recommend the tutorial (and the blog).


Next up.... not the yellow & black quilt. I decided to finish up a quilt gift before I move on to anything else. It is the biggest quilt I've worked on and I have a feeling it will take forever to layer since I need to extend my quilt frame to the largest size. I hope we don't get any visitors in the next week or three!


SewSofie said...

HI Christine
I found your site off the sew mama sew 'winners' list. I read your profile and I thought "someone that quilts and values the same things that I do". Love your work. I especially love the wall hanging you did for 'the boy'. Is that hand stitched? its awesome.

Sunshine said...

Beautiful colour choices - are these prints from a Moda line?