Monday, April 20, 2009

I plum forgot...

I haven't been keeping up with blogging marathon training lately because I haven't felt I needed to post progress reports since I am finished with Team in Training. But here's what I've been up to...

...gym work. Lots of gym work. I joined the boot camp class at my gym so now I get up and head to the gym for a 6am hour-long class three days a week. I look forward to the class before it starts, I hate it while it is going on and I'm euphoric afterward. There is something very satisfying about being done with a workout by 7am. The class really is amazing. The instructor has been a trainer for 13 years and she knows how to push you harder. I am not the fastest person in the class. Then again I am not the slowest person either. This makes me feel good. I am also happy because I feel stronger since I've been attending. Some of the segments are wreaking havoc with various muscles (my hamstrings are very twangy and my triceps are always sore) but at least I now know I have muscles!

I am hoping all this extra gym work will prepare me better for a backpacking trip in June. I've never been backpacking so the thought if carrying 30-40 pounds on my back while hiking up mountains is daunting. Not only that, but I am signed up for the Cleveland Rock & Roll Marathon in May so the stress is never-ending. I worry about not being able to finish either goal.

Cleveland is coming up and fast! The ban on headphones has been lifted so I can use my iPod. Supposedly the course will have live bands every couple miles but I'm still bringing my own music. I only run with one earbud because I like to hear what's coming up behind me. Even then I love the added push my music gives me.

The past week I have been working on my playlist because I find that some songs just aren't working for me and I need to skip them. I don't want to be fiddling with controls during a race (not that I fiddle with them on a long run but there is still the urge). I've watched runners get so distracted by their mp3 players that they run dangerously close to knocking down other individuals. I understand the concern of having mp3 players on a race course. It's a hot topic in any running forum and in the past I have not used them because of the ban but for the length of time it takes for me to finish 26.2 miles the music can be a relief from the sound of shoes slapping on pavement.

Hopefully I will remember to use my Nike+ on this weekend's long run. I am still very slow but my speed looks a bit better than last year's races. My goal is only ever to finish but I wouldn't complain to see a few minutes shaved off last year's times!

Overall, my shins have been hurting at the start and boot camp is making my hamstrings tender. I'm still having the same GI issues and bad me kept putting off seeing a specialist so now I will have to wait until after my June vacation to get things taken care of. Stupid bodily functions. Then again, it could be worse. Sore muscles due to activity are a good feeling and I no longer hurt after a class. Sore is good!

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