Saturday, January 03, 2009

I has a library card!

One of my New Year's resolutions was to get my library card. We've lived in Evanston for 7.5 years and I've been saying for 7.5 years that I should get my card. So when I woke up I decided today was the day.

So easy! The big disappointment was that the parking meters were only 2 hours. I had hoped to stay longer but parking lot attendants are very thorough here. I went inside and had my card in hand in about 5 minutes. I swear I almost cried. The man helping me told me what was on each of the 3 floors and then I was off!

The first floor was children's books so I was happy to move onward and upward! The third floor was newspapers, periodicals and internet access (I never did make it up there) but I wanted the second floor with fiction and non-fiction. It was serendipitous! I walked down my first row and immediately spotted a book I'd read as a child and had been wanting to read again. I didn't arrive with a book list, I'd just wanted to walk the rows and enjoy being surrounded by books and books and more books. But there it was, A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter. I'd first read it when I was 10 when my grandma gave me her copy. I thought it was such a wonderful story. It always stuck with me, reading about a girl who puts herself through school by catching and selling insects. I wanted to laugh when I passed it on the shelf, it was fate! I picked up a copy and then tried to remember the author of the other book I'd been wanting to reread. Unfortunately while I could remember his books, I couldn't remember the author's name so I had to use the online book search. My second book is The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone which I believe as also first given to me by my grandma.

After I found my two books I wandered around just enjoying the atmosphere. It was more bright and open inside than I'd imagined. Also, less books than I'd imagined considering the building is HUGE! Evanston has two smaller branches besides the main branch where I spent my morning. The two branches are just small storefronts and while I've walked past, I've never gone inside. The main branch has so many desks and benches for reading. I found a padded bench and read A Girl of the Limberlost for 1 1/2 hours. I'd forgotten how "used" library books were. My poor book loans look in worse shape than my books at home that I practically beat up! It's one reason I don't like to borrow books, I don't like possibly doing damage to other people's books. I know how much I love my books, I bet other people love their books too. (Although the only people I've borrowed books from are my mom, my brother-in-law and my niece.)

I really need to keep better track of how many books I read in a year. I started a list in 2008 and didn't keep it up. I bet I read over 100 in 2008. I just can't imagine people who do not enjoy reading. I'd give up all over entertainment before I'd give up my books. and now I have access to even more books! I may have to make the library my Saturday morning tradition.


Beth said...

I'm a big book collector and I have been trying to be better about buying books -- only if I *know* I will keep it!

I lent a book ("Wicked," one of my faves) to a friend and she returned it almost in tatters. "Sorry, my dog got to it." What?!?!

Neverwas said...

Both of my dogs chewed up books when they were pups, one each since I forgot to keep them out of the way of their reach. Luckily they grew up out of that because I love my books!