Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Long time gone...

Things have been busy here what with the holidays and all so I've let my blogging slide. I shall endeavor to do better in 2009 so I can keep track of training once again and also to keep track of my quilting. I've had my old domain name renewed for another few years so now I need to redo the site and see about adding my blog there.

I've been playing around with quilting over the past month or two, trying to teach myself different techniques. My mom's neighbor Connie is a quilter and she was nice enough to show me her quilts and a better technique for binding quilt edges when we were there over Thanksgiving. Her quilts are simply lovely and perfect! And I love her sewing loft. The family bought my parent's log home and Connie set up her workspace in the upstairs loft that overlooks the living room with the giant windows facing the lake. It's the area I'd have chosen so now I am jealous. *laugh* I have no such view in my workroom or in the dining room where I used to sew. It makes me want to take over the entire room I am in and get rid of the futon bed in order to make room for another table and shelves.

My goal for this week is to organize. Yesterday I went through my fabric and ironed fabric that had been balled up and then organized everything by color. I still need to go through the fabric in the basement and see what I have available. And today I will be taking apart my machine and cleaning out the years of fiber dust from the workings. I haven't done that in 5 years. I wish I'd kept the photos from the last cleaning because it was frightening the amount of gunk clotting the innards. It took a week to clean and put back together in working order. I could take it out to be cleaned but there is something very satisfactory about doing it myself. Now if I could only do that for my car!

Later I shall have to post photos of some of the pieces I've been working on. Both are on hold until the new sewing feet are delivered. I need to start using the right tools for the job!

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