Friday, November 07, 2008

So taunt me and hurt me, Deceive me, desert me...

I'm yours ‘til I die,
So in love,
So in love
So in love with you, my love, am I.

I'd heard the name Cole Porter before today and I'd even heard his songs, although I would have never been able to name even one. I decided to watch De-Lovely at lunch. I'd thought it looked interesting when it first came out in the theater but I never went to see it. The draw for me was Kevin Kline who amuses me. I didn't really know what or who the movie was about.

So many songs! So many songs I knew! And then that one song. "So In Love". I'd first heard it back in the early 1990's Back in the day I was a HUGE fan of k.d. lang. I'd heard "Constant Craving" on the radio and rushed out to get the cd. I loved that cd. Then I had to get everything else she had released. I went to see Even Cowgirls Get the Blues because of her music (and barring Keanu Reeves "acting", I love the movie).

I forget how I first came across the video now (I believe it was on one of the k.d. lang VHS tapes I had). I didn't know "So In Love" was a Cole Porter song. I only knew it was heartbreaking. The video... so much more so. The song/video was for an AIDS benefit back in 1990. I was never able to watch the video without breaking down and crying. Over the years I'd forgotten about the song as my musical tastes swung from 1980's music to chic music to punk and now to anything depending on my mood.

While watching De-Lovely and seeing the scene where Cole sings "So In Love" to Linda, I sat there trying to remember why I knew the song and why hearing it made me cry. It wasn't just that Linda was dying at that point in the movie. I knew there was something more to it than just a scene in a movie. And then I remembered the k.d. lang video.

I've lost loved ones due to illness. I saw what cancer did to my grandma. But I've never had to take care of someone while they were dying. And the video shows glimpses of how difficult it is without ever showing the person who is dying. And I think that is what gets me. It's not just a video, it's a glimpse into the reality of caring for someone who isn't dying a tidy little death.

I wish I could write better. But since my typed words never sound as good on screen as they do in my head... here is the video.

Strange, dear, but true, dear,
When I'm Close to you dear,
The stars fill the sky,
So in love with you am I.

Even Without you
My arms fold about you.
You know, darling, why,
So in love with you am I.

In love with the night mysterious
The night when you first were there
In love with my joy delirious
When I knew that you could care.

So taunt me and hurt me,
Deceive me, desert me,
I'm yours ‘til I die,
So in love,
So in love
So in love with you, my love, am I.

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Sunshine said...

I watched that movie, loved the music, and now perk up whenever I hear one of the songs on the radio. This particular song "So In Love" is one of my favourites :)

I found your blog because for a second I thought maybe I won a yard of fabric at Sew, Mama, Sew, but it turns out not this Christine one, but you ;) Congratulations!

Now I'm browsing through your blog, being intrigued...