Monday, October 06, 2008

Second quilt winner!!

I almost forgot to do the drawing yesterday because we partook of my favorite Sunday activity, Pancakes, Puppies and Parks! This means the boy and I go out somewhere I can get pancakes and then we take the pups and go hiking. Yesterday it started raining right before we arrived at the park but the boy stopped to buy a cheap raincoat from Walgreen's so he could loan me his jacket. It was pretty rainy the entire time but it was nice to be outside and hiking (even though I am so not fond of being in the rain).

Anyway, when we got home I printed out the names of those who donated to my Team in training fundraising (btw, I was $600 short of the TNT goal) and got to work cutting and folding everyone's names to put into the grab bowl. The boy got to be my name picker and the name he picked from the bowl is...

Tony and Jane Cugino!

Yep! My dad and his wife won the second quilt drawing. Congrats to the lucky couple and THANK YOU to everyone who donated money to my Team in Training fundraising. I am very grateful to everyone who sponsored me, especially during these crazy economic times.

Team in Training has been a great organization to train with and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society does such wonderful work towards finding a cure for blood cancers. I've read some harsh comments online about how TNT is dumbing down running by "elite runners" but those complaints don't add up for my team and what I've experienced. TNT runners are supportive of all runners, not just fellow runners in purple shirts and we were always reminded about proper course etiquette. I've seen just as much inconsiderate runners out on the path that were not TNT members so quite honestly, we're not always the guilty party. I've learned a lot about myself and running these past 5-6 months and that is all thanks to Team in Training. I may not be fast or able to run over a long period of time but that doesn't make me a bad runner. It just means I have a lot more training I need to do to become one of the fast people.

Not meaning to rant or anything... I went off on a tangent. *laugh* I did want to thank everyone for their support and congratulate my dad and Jane on winning the second quilt! Of course now I need to call them and let them know.

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