Thursday, October 16, 2008

Now what?

Well, it's been days now and all I keep thinking about is "now what?" I don't have Saturday group runs to get up for and no long races to train for. I have two small races, a 5k and an 8k but those do not need weeks of training. I feel sort of lost.

I found out last night in class that two of my classmates also ran and finished the marathon. There are only 5 people, including myself, in the class. So for there to be 3 finishers is amusing. Two of the students were talking about the race but I did not join in and announce that I was there also. I still feel intimidated. Especially since I am so slow and do mostly walking. I hope to be faster one day. Maybe by the next Chicago marathon. Can I get to a 10 minute mile in a year, or at least a 12 minute mile? Can I get my GI problem under control?

My environmental literacy class should be more interesting than it is. The professor seems to only focus on the math... converting from metric to the more inelegant U.S. measuring system. We do have a field trip planned for the Chicago Center for Green Technology since the professor will not be able to attend one class due to a work trip. I think that should be interesting.

My final project is running shoes from cradle to grave. Runner's World had a fabulous article about just that in this month's issue. I want to find some video about the making of running shoes and also about some 6000 Nike shoes floating around in the ocean. Lots of video so I do not have to speak in class! *shudder* Even with 4 other students in class, public speaking frightens me. I have 5 more weeks to prepare.

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