Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's all about the shirts...

This morning was the Trick or Treat Trot 5k. Seems almost silly after finishing a marathon but I like the races. And I LOVE the shirts! It was chilly down by the lakefront and my fingers didn't get the feeling back until after mile 1. But the sun was shining and many runners were in costume so it was a great day overall. I was doing well until I saw the mile 3 sign and then suddenly I felt like I had to toss my cookies. It was bizarre! I couldn't run across the finish line because I was too worried about throwing up. That's never happened before. To be honest, I didn't eat breakfast but I did drink some Gatorade. And at the finish were the usual... water, Gatorade, bagels and bananas. And in honor of it being a Halloween run, CANDY! Huge plastic cauldrons of candy!

Today I am going to sloth around and watch some horror movies until the boy is done with work. And then we are off on a long walk with the dogs. Which is good because I wanted to do that. I'm getting the hang of walking two dogs at once but it is slow going. Handling two leashes is awkward for me. I used to walk them one at a time but since the boy purchased those prongy collars the pups stopped pulling and I don't have to worry about being jerked around. Boxers are STRONG! I am not fond of the idea of pronged collars but they sure do make walks easier. Our oldest pup is 3 years old and we never could break her of the habit of pulling at the leash. We've tried Gentle Leaders and chest harnesses and wrapping the leash around her waist like the dog trainer showed us but nothing worked. Nothing until the pronged collar.

I keep forgetting to mention how cool my neighbors and relatives are! After the marathon two weeks ago, we got home and our neighbors had tied balloons to our railing along the steps. It was such a wonderful thing to see when I got home. My neighbors on both sides are incredible. We really got lucky. And also, the boy's cousin J sent me a Team in Training 26.2 sticker. He, his sister A and their dad B (too many year online, I don't like to use a whole lot of personal info which is fucking hilarious since I'll blog for HOURS about my GI problems when running) are all marathoners. It means a lot to get support from them since they know exactly what's involved. Now I only hope I can get as fast as they are!

But I rambled on, and what I was getting at was cousin J who has sent me letters of encouragement ever since I started this nonsense. Same with the boy's brother S. He would send emails of support and encouragement and none of them ever laughed when I failed. I know I am not athletic, I never have been athletic, so this is a big deal for me. And I know my family will support me because they are my family. But it's something a bit more when your in-law relations do it. And I got lucky with my in-laws.

So anyway... George is whinging and my green tea latte is gone. I need to brew some more tea and go cuddle on the couch with the pups while some spooky goodness plays on my television. October is going by too fast. I haven't had my fill of horror flicks!

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