Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Flood 2008

Friday night we got hit by some terrible rainstorms. By Saturday morning our back yard was a foot deep in water. To get to our garage we would have to wade through all that water. The boy went out to the hardware stores trying to track down a pump so we could drain our yard but every store he went to was sold out. I saw him filling up a bucket to dump in the alley so I went out to help. Our wonderful neighbors to the east saw him also and J came out and loaned us their pump. I had the bright idea that I would continue to bucket out the water while the pump was working because there was a LOT of water. The boy and I formed a bucket brigade which lasted maybe 15 minutes before my back started to ache. It didn't seem like the water was going down at all and it just kept raining and raining hard! Since there wasn't much else to do besides watch the pump work and the rain fall, we went back into the house.

Sunday was pretty much more of the same. I think George's bladder stretched to dynamic proportions because peeing in the rain was the last thing he wanted to do. poor pup! I really wanted to go see a movie but instead I vacuumed the house and it is then that I twisted somehow and really wrenched my already sore back.

The last time I hurt my back had been a couple years back when I was exercising with a friend. I was getting off one of the machines and twisted wrong. Even bbreathing deeply caused severe pain. I was in Ohio at the time and it got so bad that I couldn't even get up off the floor without help. My step-dad had to lift me up a couple times. I almost couldn't make it up off the toilet but the thought of having my step-dad come in and help me up scared me even more. *laugh* Luckily I didn't hurt my back that badly this time (especially since my step-dad and mom are in Colorado on vacation and not here to help) but it does hurt to sit upright for too long.

Right now I have one of those activated charcoal heat packs stuck on my back. The heat seems to help (and helps me stay warm since it is chilly inside the house and my Raynaud's is aggravated by the weather). I'm trying to take it very very easy because I am scheduled for 20 miles on Saturday and I NEED to be pain-free before then. I cannot afford to miss this run. I HAVE to be able to run on Saturday.

This Friday is a big deal for my step-dad. He is getting inducted into the football hall of fame for our high school. He gets to be introduced at Friday night's football game at halftime and then there is a ceremony afterward at the high school. I am disappointed that I will miss it but between work and the time it would take driving out there and fitting in my 20 mile run I just can't be there. I am a lousy daughter! :(

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