Wednesday, September 10, 2008

31 days and counting!

Last Saturday's run was a beautiful 18 miles. The weather was PERFECT! Even the death strip along the lakefront from North to the beginning of Michigan Avenue was nice. The sun was very bright but the temperature was only in the mid to upper 70's. After the run there was a picnic but I really didn't partake because eating is usually the last thing I want after so many miles. I did drink a lot of Gatoraid and water and a few pretzels but nothing else sounded good. I really wanted a chocolate milkshake but I just settled for a big glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink when I got home. Honestly, chocolate milk is the PERFECT after-run drink.

Nothing horrible happened during the run. My magic pills are not so magic so I had to stop for a couple port-o-lets along the way. That is disappointing. I need to remember to call my doc and see if I can take two pills. I can manage a 1 minute run before the urge strikes and then I need to walk it off.

I also need to speed things up more. Sometimes my mental wanderings lead me offtrack. Laziness rather than "OMG I can't do it". I'll have to blog more about it once I figure it all out in my head. I know the answer is there somewhere! I do know this isn't something I'm going to quit after October 12th.

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Anonymous said...

"I do know this isn't something I'm going to quit after October 12th."

good to hear, ur gonna rock!! ilu