Thursday, August 21, 2008


Now, I really dislike taking medication but I will forget about that and be thrilled that I have pills! I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday to take care of some medical stuff for school and I remembered to speak with my doc about the dreaded running issue. She prescribed Dicyclomine which is prescribed for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). She said if this does not help during my long runs she will send me to a gastroenterologist. I hope the pills work. I only need to take one about 1-2 hours before a run so if this works I'll be set! I admit, I am excited about Saturday's run now because I really want to run more and if this little blue pill will allow me to run without interruption, I will be so happy! I know I can speed up if I didn't have the dreaded "urge" all the time.

Plus, I get to test my new running shoes on a long run! And the thought of being excited for a 16 mile/5 hour run is so bizarre to me that I start giggling. This excitement coming from a girl who had to be forcefully removed from her bedroom and made to play outside by her step-dad. *laugh* I would go outside but I always brought a book with me to read. I haven't changed much in that regard.

Yesterday I also had a hair appointment. It had been about a year since my last haircut so I was overdue. I am in love with Red 7 in Evanston and Matt there is simply wonderful. I just let him do his thing and I am never disappointed. Yesterday he chopped off about 6 inches so now my hair is chin-length and no longer looks all schlumpy. The shampoo woman also does a scalp massage and hand massage and everyone is there offering beverages and snacks in the morning. Out of all the salons in the Chicagoland area, Red 7 is the only salon I've returned to regularly. The salon is totally hip without being in yer face trendy (like Art + Science) and the stylists are friendly and the owners are wonderful. Honestly, 7 years of living here and I never found anyplace I liked until Red 7 opened in Evanston.

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