Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mid-week mumblings...

I can't believe September is almost here! I am scheduled for one class this fall quarter and I am really looking forward to it. Environmental Literacy! The course description is "Basic concepts of environmental sciences and how they are applied to public decisions. Risks, regulations, and basic engineering concepts concerning air and water resources, pollution control, solid and hazardous waste, and energy sources. Environmental problems viewed from an integrated, multidisciplinary analysis/decision/solution standpoint." The book was selling for $140 on Amazon. And no, that is not a typo. $140 for a freakin' book! I'm not certain one Heinlein first edition cost that much. But lucky for me there was an Amazon seller who had it for $58 shipped. *whew*

Saturday there is a 12 mile run scheduled but I haven't decided what to do about it. One of my coaches said it was okay to miss it and do the 10k on Sunday since 12 miles is a cutback. But I'm thinking I may still go out and just do a shorter run.

And if anyone is curious about the amount of fundraising the Illinois chapter of Team in Training raises for individual races... check this out!

Fundraising Update:
Steelhead: $29,903.91
CDC: $114,259.13
Chicago Triathlon: $208,872.58
Apple Cider: $46,943.92
Chicago Marathon: $412,685.31
Nike: $89,222.23
Combo: $112,202.84 (this is just for people who signed up to do the CDC and the Chicago Marathon... the totals for those races listed above are from participants running that race only)

Isn't that amazing! That is almost a half a million dollars for the Chicago marathon this year. And just from the Illinois chapter!

I am still $635 short of the TNT goal so if you can help, please consider sponsoring me as I run the Chicago Distance Classic half marathon and the Bank of America Chicago marathon with Team in Training!

Donate $25 and get your name entered into the next quilt raffle! The second drawing is October 5, 2008!

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