Sunday, June 01, 2008

United Race for the Zoo...

I have a HUGE post in mind but I may break it down into two parts. Today I ran the United Run for the Zoo 10k (that's 6.21371192237 miles). Yesterday I ran 6 miles with Team in Training. That makes 12.21371192237 miles run in a little over 24 hours.

Not one of my best ideas.

I was excited this morning. I'd a good night's sleep. I'd had pasta and steak the night before and a Poweraid and oatmeal bar this morning. I felt like an athlete in my clothing today (I think it was the Disney marathon hat which I wear to keep me focused). The boy stood beside me at the start and we didn't even know it had started. The race had sold out so the start was packed. I'd heard a noise and loud music but I thought it was the usual starting noises (I'd been a bit frazzled trying to find a bathroom and the chip pickup). So anyway it was an odd start.

Within the first quarter mile I came across a fully loaded diaper sitting in the middle of the path. And it was right under my foot. Somehow I managed to levitate my entire body 3 inches to the right so I could avoid the diaper bomb. I mean really! Who leaves a nasty diaper in the middle of a walkway when the zoo has so many trashcans?!?! But I kept on and was working on my walk/run strategy.

By mile two I was having my usual race thoughts. They're made up of various forms of "what in the HELL am I doing", "this is easily the stupidest idea I've ever had", "I could be in bed napping with my dogs right about now" and "who really enjoys running, dumbies". These are sloth thoughts and no matter how excited I am to start and how happy I am to have crossed the finish line, I hatehatehate running while I am doing it. I can't believe people enjoy running. (Right now I am happy and sore and thrilled it was so beautiful outside and I am looking forward to Tuesday's morning run with George... I am stupid.)

At right around mile three two buff hardbody boys ran past me with their shirts off. The one said to the other "everyone is so sweaty and they haven't even finished their 5k yet". This made me furious and I spent the next mile planning how I would trip then and run over their prone bodies. I decided that they may have been cute and in shape but that didn't stop them from being assholes. I mean, the people who were out and running came in all shapes and sizes. And they were out being active! I know I am far from ever being an elite athlete and I have no desire to finish first or even qualify for the Boston Marathon. This does not make me any less of a person. I may walk more than run but I am still crossing the same finish line as those starting in the fastest corrals. I am still making an effort to do better and be faster. I may have different reasons for being out there but they are just as valid as any reason those hardbodies had. So there! *blows razzberries*

It's about this same time that my energy plummeted. I was running past the fence around the Belmont Harbor and the passing of the fences combined with the sunlight twinkling on the water made me dizzy. And I got somewhat lightheaded. It was not pleasant. I hadn't thought to take any Sport Beans of Shot Bloks with me so I was SOL. I kept up a good pace but I was wiped out. Miles four and five were mind-numbing. I was so happy to see that mile six sign.

The Avon 3-Day was going on at the same time so markers along the path were confusing. At times the zoo race was on the same path while at other times we broke away from the Avon walkers. I had to keep asking the flagger people which was my path.

But I finished (not certain of my time yet... 1:38 maybe?) and now I am sore. And I have chafing. *shudder* I fear I may have to run commando and I'm not sure I can do that. It's bad enough I had to switch to thongs (TMI?) but even those chafe. I have Body-Glide (which I forgot to use today) but I think going commando would solve that one problem.

Yeesh! I didn't get to posting about my Team in Training run on Saturday. I want to try to post about that every week but I get sidetracked. It was a good run and we were all in a television audience after our run. The show airs Saturday 7 June, 2008 on Comcast Sportsnet at 5:30pm CST. I believe it will be online also. I'll post links. Not sure if I can be seen in the crowd since I tried to hide behind tall people but somehow near the end I was closer to the front. So more about Team in Training tomorrow!

And I am still fundraising so please consider donating!

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