Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hot one today...

Today's Team in Training group run was somewhat muggy and hot. I am beginning to appreciate that 7am start because that 20-miler that will push towards noon will be unbearably hot during the summer. We did 6 miles today and had an injury prevention clinic afterwards. I'm trying to be much better about my stretching. I'm not very flexible but I can tell I've improved from a month ago. I remember being younger (oh so much younger) and being able to touch my forehead to my knees. I hope I'll be back to that in another month.

Running is still difficult. My cardio gives out before my muscles. I need to work more on cardio so I can run for longer times. I have no higher goal than to finish both the half and the full marathons. That would be such a big deal for me. 13 years of a desk job had wreaked havoc on my body and I need to fix that. I've never been athletic (I joined marching band because of a boy). The most exercise I got outside of gym classes was riding my bike to work and back. In fact, I've never even kept up with gym memberships until I decided to train for the Disney marathon with my sister and mom. I actually renewed my membership at the YMCA this year. I've never renewed a gym membership, ever! I still struggle with motivation because I am a couch potato at heart but I am getting better.

Once again, I HATED the run while I was doing it but I felt so good afterwards. And I was looking forward to starting. I really want to better my walk/run strategy. I want to be able to run longer. It looks so easy when I see people out running. Who'd ever imagine running would be difficult?! *laugh*

I am keeping to my "no veggies" rule the night before a long run but I never realized how horrible it would be! I really enjoy salads and fresh veggies so even one day without eating any is frightening. And even without eating veggies, I still feel that damned "urge". I'm going to try eating earlier this Friday in the hope that that will help a bit more. It's just too hot to not to eat salads!

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