Friday, June 27, 2008

Headaches abound!

I've had a nagging little headache for days now. The weather doesn't stick to warm or cold and the switches trigger headaches.

Tomorrow we have an all teams run at a local forest preserve. I was checking out the photos of the place and it is so pretty! Unfortunately Mapquest pegs the drive at 45 minutes which means longer on the way home. And because I have a longer drive ahead of me, I need to wake up earlier so I can leave earlier. And I need to fill up my tank today because I don't want to have to do that so early tomorrow. I fear filling up my tank. Gas prices are so freaking high! At least I don't have to drive to work, a tank of gas lasts a really long time for me.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. Running in the neighborhood is rather dull and can be tricky since much of the sidewalks around here are not nice and even. The first time I went out running in the neighborhood I tripped over a raised bit of sidewalk and almost faceplanted. I ended up landing on my knee and elbow and brand-spankin' new iPod Nano. Seriously! It was the first time out running with the thing and I damaged the corner of it. I was so afraid to run outside for the longest time. Which is amusing since I'd had the Dune "fear mantra" engraved on the back of my Nano.

Next weekend I get to go ziplining! The boy and I are giving that a shot with my folks. Heights make me nervous but my step-dad was able to do it so I should also! I still feel nervous thinking about the hot air balloon ride I got from them as a birthday gift. I was so afraid and felt sick to my stomach the entire day. It was incredibly cool when I was up but if I thought about it too much my stomach did flips. But hell! If I can train for a half and full marathon, I should be able to zipline, right? *laugh*

There is still time!! Please consider sponsoring me as I run the Chicago Distance Classic half marathon and the Bank of America Chicago marathon with Team in Training!

And many thanks to Jan for her donation!

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Anonymous said...

well, atleast it's suppose to rain that day so if ya pee yer pants no one will know, LOL.

xo seester!!