Saturday, June 28, 2008

8 miles...

For some reason, 8 miles is the number of miles that I don't feel that "I hate running" thought with every step. 6 miles I hate but 8 miles makes me feel strong. Go figure! It was like that for the Disney training also. And today we had an all Chicagoland team meetup at Busse Woods. It is really beautiful there!

Today's run was hot and muggy but I had my fuel belt with me that felt so light even though my water bottle was full and I had a couple Sport Beans and Gu packets in the pockets. And an Amphipod clip with my Nano. I know I shouldn't run and listen to music but I only put one earbud in so I can hear what's going on around me. Which is good since we run where people bike very fast. And they rarely shout a word of warning.

So I'm still not eating veggies the night before my long runs but I still get the "urge". I've tried Pepto and Imodium and neither work well. I need to see my doctor anyway for some school immunization things so I'll ask her if there is something she can prescribe for me to take before a long run. I could hardly walk fast at mile 7 because the urge was so bad. And it isn't like I need to go so much as there just being an urge. TMI? Well, here's some more... I solved my chaffing problem. And not with Bodyglide! I run commando! It's fairly common from what I've read. It was a difficult choice but honestly, I don't notice any difference other than no chaffing. Yay!

I am so stinky and in need of a shower but I had to blog about how good I felt. I didn't curse my running experience even once. (I cursed the "urge" but that is expected.) I felt so good! And happy! I felt like I could take on the world! Go me! Go Team!

As always, there is still time to donate to The Leukemia & Lymphoma's Team in Training!! Please consider sponsoring me as I run the Chicago Distance Classic half marathon and the Bank of America Chicago marathon with Team in Training!

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Anonymous said...

hurray for mile 8!!! im glad you found yer number. keep up the good work, seester, i know you can do this!