Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yoga and dog lips...

I started doing yoga yesterday which was lovely. And I made it through my dvd up until the cooldown point. That is when Friday saw me stretched out on the floor and decided to attack. It's hard to cool down when you have floppy boxer lips hanging over your face. She kept licking me which made me laugh so I had to get up and squoosh her. Poor George was doing some crate time which seemed the safest way for me to do yoga. He was not happy about it since Friday was out and about.

TNT talked about stretching at our last meeting and I am not very flexible so yoga seemed a good way to go about bettering that. The dvd I purchased is some "Yoga for Athletes" (yeah, I'm laughing also... athlete? me?) and I definitely felt my leg muscles stretching during some of the poses. I felt pretty wobbly once I was done, all loose and warm, so I guess the poses do what they're supposed to. They only one that gave me grief was the one where one leg is raised and the foot placed on the inside thigh of the other leg and you just stand there. I couldn't get my foot high enough and since I and loose pants on, my foot kept pulling on the fabric and sliding down. I think I need to wear my short compression shorts next time. I kept laughing while trying to do that pose but eventually I managed some semblance of it.

My morning running buddy is going in to get neutered this morning. That means I'll be flying solo the rest of the week. Maybe I'll see if Friday can run alongside me without pulling if she wears her new Sporn harness.

Tea! My queendom for some tea! How have I been up for 45 minutes without making tea first?

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