Friday, May 16, 2008

No running buddy for a week...

George is home and recuperating after being snipped. He is banned from rough play and running for a week which means I have to run solo. I am nervous about leaving him in the crate tomorrow while I do my Team in Training run. I don't want him to lick his incisions but I am worried about putting him in the crate with his collar. I'll have to test it today and see how he does. I think that means I'll have to take the divider out of the crate and give him full space to move. It's a 5 mile run and a fundraising clinic after so that means about 4 hours alone for the pups.

I have raised $350 of my $3000 goal. Do ahead, donate! It's a wonderful cause and it is 100% tax deductible!

Thanks to my seester Rene and my boy Ted for the dough! I love you both!

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