Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First Saturday training...

I'm behind in my post but Saturday the 10th was my first Team in Training Saturday run. 7am sharp we met down at the lakefront. It was coldcoldcold so I remembered to wear my gloves. I do admit to being very nervous since I'm pretty introverted and TNT is a very extroverted group. And I didn't know a soul there. I checked in (they do a check-in and check-out so they know no one is lost along the trail) and looked for my mentor. There were 3 other teammates there so we chatted before starting out. TNT starts the runs by pace, fastest out first and slowest pace last. I must have looked confused because one of the coaches came up and pointed me to the slow pacers. He didn't make me feel at all self-conscious about being slow and cheered me on for being there and said I would get faster because that is what TNT is all about.

It was a 4 mile run and the weather was cold but bright and sunny. Every time a TNT group passed by they cheered. It was a little disconcerting to have strangers cheering me on by name (we had nametags on) but I got used to it eventually. One woman told me to keep smiling and be happy. I didn't realize I was smiling but that ended up making me laugh. It was a good run and the only thing that makes running difficult for me is the cardio aspect. It's what slows me down but I am determined to push things more so I don't have to worry about my lungs feeling like they will explode.

Near the end the coach that started me out met back up with me and asked me how my gloves were treating me (I'd since taken them off once my fingers regained warmth, damned Raynaud's). I said was a bit toasty but it was near the end so I just kept my jacket on. This got me pointed out as an overdresser later in the "Starting Out" clinic. I laughed but didn't stand up and explain that I had a medical condition that called for gloves.

TNT is a fun group. I still feel like an outsider because so many people there have run with TNT before and they know what to expect. I have no idea what to expect and that always makes me wary. But I can totally see why everyone raves about training with TNT. I can't imagine a more supportive group. They do so much! They take care of water and snacks (and later they bring energy snacks) and lip balm. They have a group picnic and a pasta dinner. They have clinics after runs. There is no way to feel lost there.

This Saturday we do 5 miles. I never really feel I am into running until I hit that 6-8 mile run. Mostly I start out feeling like this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever done. I could barely be pushed into playing outside as a child! And now I am getting up early on a Saturday morning to go run with a group. It is pretty comical and I think that is why I do it. The endorphins help also. *laugh*

My running buddy George is still keeping up on our morning runs. I feel bad that Friday is left behind but she pulls too much. George just trots alongside me. Too bad I can't run a marathon with him!

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