Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Still ill...

Morrissey sings songs in my head when I am sick.

I got my race results from Sunday's Race to Wrigley and it was 46:43 minutes with a pace of 15:04. This is faster than the St. Paddy's Day with my time of 47:06 minutes and a pace of 15:09. Just seconds faster but it still counts.

I finally finished Blackwood Farm by Anne Rice and now I am reading Cokie Roberts' Ladies of Liberty. The HBO series about John Adams has me interested in what was happening during the American Revolution. History has never been a favorite subject of mine. History books in school were always so dry, so lacking in facts that weren't about old white men. This Cokie Roberts book talks about things that I can relate to, not just about men marching off to war. Women lived during that time also and history books in school, at least when I was in school, rarely seem to cover that. Even the history classes I took in college rarely covered women. My history of civilization course covered 3 women, Sappho (we learned she was a bisexual poet), Cleopatra (a sexed-up queen) and Joan of Arc (who said she heard god speak to her and wore men's clothing). Each woman barely got 10 minutes of talk time and the professor mostly just joked about their sexual proclivities. I hated that class and I ended up failing it.

Where I had intended on going with this is how my reading has changed. I still love sci-fi books and horror but I've found I've been reading a lot more about running, nature and living a more natural and simple life. Two years ago you couldn't pay me to go camping or hiking. I wasn't interested in the natural world around me. I want to be out in nature more now. I want to learn about it, experience it. My first real camping trip last October was wonderful, even with the numb fingers I had because it was cold. We didn't backpack in anywhere, just car camped but I actually enjoyed myself. I want to go camping again. I want to learn to live in the woods, to live off the land (although that has more to do with reading lots of "end of the world" novels and wanting to be a Heinlein character, strong and self-sufficient). I want to win the lottery so I can move the hell away from people. The "entitlement whore" mentality people have these days makes me cry for the future. I want to get away from those sort of people. But that is another post entirely.

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