Thursday, April 17, 2008


I still have the worst head cold and it is making me so cranky! I want to go work on the backyard some more but I just know any work done where I have to bend my head will result in my using massive amounts of tissues. The decongestant I took is not working. I could just make an appointment to see my doc since I need to head in there anyway to take care of my school immunization records (I need to get tested for mumps since my records only listed one shot and the school wants two dates) and get a complete physical. But I hate taking meds so I shall wait until I am better, like next week, so I am not a sniffling mess.

My Zarafina Tea Maker arrived today and it is scrumptious! I ran a pot of water through it and soon I shall make my first pot of tea once I decide what to make. I want to try some more ginkgo tea with osmanthus flowers because it tastes yummy. Osmanthus tastes like apricots in tea and it looks so pretty in the water. I also have chrysanthemum pearls I haven't tried.

It is just so nice outside. It seems a shame to stay indoors when what I really want to do is go outside and work in the dirt. I have three stumps to dig out of the dirt and the last raised flower bed to rip apart. And I should remove some of the dirt from the bed in front. Maybe I'll wait on that though until I can find and plant a miniature Japanese maple. That will displace enough dirt so I'll save the added work and remove the excess all at once.

I think a pot of tea is winning out over gardening. Maybe the steam from the cup will clear my head and my nasal passages.

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