Monday, April 14, 2008

Sick and tired...

Yesterday I ran the Race to Wrigley 5k. I got a lighter cold-weather runners cough that seems to be gone this morning but left a sore throat and a stuffy yet drippy nose and an achy body. Two 5ks this year and both of them were cold and windy. 5,000 people signed up for this race and things were really hopping. Much more so than the St. Paddy's Day 5k I did.

Once again I was passed by many runners and I passed my fair share of runners and walkers. The path was on the street, unlike the St. Paddy's Day 5k which was on a running/walking/biking trail. The asphalt wasn't bad to run on but the unevenness was uncomfortable at times. I run on the side of the road in order to be out of the way of faster people and streets tends to be lower on the outermost side. Makes for uneven running paths. Anyway, I've decided that too many runners do not pay attention to their weaving in and out in order to get ahead. I was getting pushed around in the beginning because faster runners had to weave between groups of people running and walking side by side. I was running solo and had to do my own weaving to pass people. Groups of 3+ people should not run or walk side by side and take up 3/4 of the running area! It is dangerous!

And while I did not want to admit it, people wearing headphones can be dangerous also. I now see why "career runners" rant about headphones in races. I had about a dozen people run past me with their mp3 players turned up so loud that I could hear their music clearly. These people cannot possibly hear runners come up behind them or even emergency vehicles if they have their music up that loud. I admit, I am an iPod wearer at the gym but not while running on the street or trails. I need to be able to hear cars and other runners. I'm a safety girl and I get really pissy with other people infringe upon my safety and my personal space. While I have not read about any real "headphones are dangerous" news facts, from what I saw at Sunday's race, they do distract runners. I watched headphone-wearers fumble around with their mp3 players and not watch where they were going and who they were running into. Not all headphone-wearers are this way but a good majority of them are. I don't want to get into the headphone rule many marathons adopt because I know how much I enjoy using my ipod during runs but I don't want to cause accidents because I am distracted by the music or fiddling with controls.

And after some careful Googling, I finally found the time limit for the Chicago Marathon, 6.5 hours. I can do that. Especially if I remember that veggies are bad the day before a race. My system cannot handle veggies and running. Not for runs that early in the morning. And not eating any vegetables for even one day pains me. I love my vegetables.

Also? I really, really dislike Chicago Special Events Management They are supposed to post race results 48 hours after the race and it's been over a month since the St. Paddy's Day 5k and still no race results! I've emailed them twice now and I haven't even gotten back a form email. What the fuck is up with that? I paid extra money to get my race timed but I haven't seen any times posted for races after 9/29/2007. That is 5 races since September 2007 that have yet to have results posted. *arghhh*

EDIT: Googling my name got me race results for the St. Paddy's Day 5k and I made it in 47:06. Yeah, I know how unfast that is. I speedwalked it but damn! That is 40 seconds faster than I had thought! And 16 seconds faster than when I paced it at the gym. That means I did 15:09 minute miles. A race that was faster than my practices at the gym!

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