Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Run, doggy, RUN!

Today I ran outside with my pup George for the first time. We bought him a Sporn halter on Sunday for our weekly Puppies, Pancakes and Parks day and that thing is wonderful! He didn't pull at all. We still need to get one for Friday. The store we were at was out of her size so I need to make a run to another pet store. Anyway, I put the Sporn on George and headed out. After a minute or three of me fiddling with the straps and him getting used to the halter, we were off and running! He's a champ! I've tried running with Friday but she's an ankle-biter when we run. George usually is at home but not while on a leash. So now I have a new running partner!

It was colder than I thought it was and since I forgot my gloves, we were only outside for 30 minutes. Even that short time felt nice. It made me happy to be out with my puppy since he never gets to go on walks alone. We got to bond and practice sitting at intersections before crossing. George ran beside me like he was born for that reason. I only wish I'd remembered gloves so we could have been outside longer. Ah well, there is always tomorrow!

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