Monday, April 28, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...

Went to bed with a headache and woke up with the same headache. Usually a good sleep will wipe a headache out but not this time. I wasn't dehydrated or anything so I'm not sure what the headache was from. It wasn't as bad as the headache I had on Saturday. I took 6 Excedrin Migraine tablets and that only took the headache down to a dull throbbing. The weather could have caused this headache since it went from nice to cold and drizzly. Curse this weather!

Last Tuesday I went to the Team in Training info session at Whole Foods and decided to join up. This means I have much fundraising to do. It's funny, it isn't the half or full marathon that worries me, it's the fundraising. I need to raise $3000 or else I cannot run with TNT and that scares me. What if I fail? I don't know much about fundraising. What if no one wants to donate to the cause? What if no one wants to support me? (And here I am worrying about it in a public place that I am linking to from my donation page but this is what the blog is for). Who knew I would be more sure about finishing a marathon? Well, maybe not today because I am slothing with a headache I can't seem to shake but still!

In non-fundraising news, my tea order from Upton Tea Imports arrived today and the first batch of Wuyuan Ruikang green was AMAZING! And they shipped so quickly. I opened all the packages I ordered and everything smells heavenly. And the pricing there is so reasonable. Maybe my headache just needs a little more tea.

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