Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh, the joy of a new toy!

My Zarafina Tea Maker is the best! Honestly, I don't usually get all ravey about electronics (other than my iPods which I adore so so much) but this tea maker is perfect! I found I prefer the herbal setting for green tea as it makes the water temperature hotter but I counter that by setting the brew strength to mild for the first pot. I have yet to make a black, white or oolong tea in it because I usually drink green tea but perhaps tomorrow morning I'll try out my Irish Breakfast tea. And the little tea cups that came with the machine cause em to sip rather than gulp. I usually make my tea in a 16 oz. mug but for some reason smaller tea cups force me to savor the flavor rather than just chugging the cup contents.

The Lab (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab) released new scents for their monthly Lunacy and the new Steamworks blends sound amazing. I have the Phoenix Steamworks *loves* and now I want all the others also! In imp size because I just can't wear that much perfume in a lifetime. Thank Dog for the BPAL community and swapping/selling! I used to only wear patchouli until I was introduced to the Lab. My first purchase was one of their Poe scents, The Premature Burial. I still have some left. Unfortunately for me, the Lab's patchouli blends hatehatehate me. But with the hundreds of scents they offer, that is no longer a problem. So many good smellies!

I leave for Ohio in two weeks. And I finally remembered to make an appointment to get my poor little Beetle tuned up. I maybe drive 10 miles a week, tops, so I am always forgetting to get her cleaned up. It's funny, before I moved here I spent 3 hours every Sunday washing and buffing my Beetle. In the Chicagoland area, you're lucky if you have a garage in which to park your car, let alone a driveway. So my car rarely gets washed. I miss those Sundays. Washing my car was so very Zen. Those Zen moments have been moved to chopping vegetables. I love to cook soups and vegetarian dinners just so I can chop veggies. It is so relaxing.

And Happy Friday! Tomorrow I go to find my miniature Japanese maple for the front yard and to pick out some large rocks to balance the tree area. I can't wait to finish the front yard so I can move on to the back. I only wish I'd taken some "before" photos. Maybe I still have some "before" photos from when we first moved in to our house. The front yard was so cluttered and tiny. It is tiny anyway but made even more so by the huge piney shrubbery and palmy fronds and overgrown tree-like shrubberies that were planted there. I am not a fan of decorative bushes so I dug the all up and threw them out. Republican Earth Day! The look didn't fit with the Craftsman home so I am giving the yard a cleaner look and feel. So far, so good!

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