Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kennel cough...

Or something like that... George is coughing again. It started early Tuesday morning and was even worse Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I have had so little sleep the past two days. No sleep means headaches and migraines for me. Top that off with my hands that still hurt to do much of anything and you'll find a miserable girl. I can hardly hold a teacup. So now I am cranky and waiting around for the vet to call me back. Friday's first vet is no longer working at the animal hospital and that makes me sad. Their new vet is friendly and Friday and George both seem to like her but I'd really liked the first vet because she too had boxers. I have no idea what happened and not sure I should ask. Oh please let the vet call me back soon so I can get some meds into the boy and stop that cough!

Today I need to decide if I want to pick up a Zarafina Tea Maker. The reviews all sound good and I like to look and idea of it. 16oz isn't a lot of tea per pot but I can always make more. And I'd rather have to make more than have too much (even though I'd just drink it cold). Giving up coffee has been good. I still drink the occasional cup but mostly I stick to tea, green tea especially. I can drink green tea all day long and it doesn't affect me like coffee did. I'm not dehydrated and caffeinated up and I can get to sleep better. I still have bouts of insomnia but that isn't from tea. Anyway, the Zarafina Tea Maker sounds perfect for me and it is now on sale! Sales are a goodness. Tea is a goodness. Non-coughing dogs are a goodness.

I need some more tea. And aspirin. And toast.

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