Monday, April 07, 2008

House ramblings...

I've spent the last week working in the front and back yards. As small as both are, and we're talking Chicago small here, I am still not done. Over 20 hours and so far I have filled 12 bags of leaves and roots. And dug up flagstone around two flowerbeds. And dug out the area by the back gate so I could actually open it fully. 30 buckets of dirt and stones in a 40"x55" area moved to another spot and 6 pavers put down all so I could open the back gate far enough to take the trash and recycling out. The front was supposed to be the easiest only, as usual for me, I turned it into a larger project than intended. And I can't finish it until I find a small Japanese maple that won't get over 6' tall. I'm thinking an Inaba Shidare is the way to go. Once I get the tree planted, I can cover the dirt with landscaping fabric and cover that over with rocks. The larger rocks I need for decoration can be placed at any time so no worries there. I will be so happy when the front area is completed. Once the front is done we can concentrate on the back where the patio and deck will go.

While the yardwork has been relaxing, my hands hurt badly. Most of that 20+ yardwork time was spent using rakes and shovels and hauling large pieces of stone. Even my back doesn't hurt but my hands? My hands! I can't cut food with my right hand and I'm right-handed so my left is pretty much useless for that. And the worst of it is that I want to go back out this afternoon after work and try to get the flagstone in as a border to the front flowerbed area.

My fall-back plan is to prime the walls of my office so I can repaint the room. (Not that this will be easier on my hands.) Right now the orange is just too dark for the room. There is one smallish window on the west side so the room does not get a lot of light. The orange seems to kill any light that does make it in. I have two greens picked out so I can paint the large empty wall a slightly darker shade than the other three walls. The greens are pretty light and cool so the room should brighten up considerably. And I still need to find artwork for over my desk. My whole office needs redone to make it more functional as a workspace for me and as a guest room when family visits.

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