Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth mover...

Saturday I found, bought and planted my Japanese maple. The nursery we went to did not have the Inaba Shidare in stock but they did have the Organgeola that was also on my list. And it was not expensive! So now my little tree is planted in the front yard. It looks wonderful from every angle. We went looking for gravel groundcover and large rocks for the garden area but I didn't want to purchase anything until I had my maple. So that means this weekend will be rock-filled. I'm hoping to finish the front area before I have to drive to Ohio.

We also worked on the side of the house where the skunks keep trying to dig in order to get under the front porch. The boy put in some chickenwire and we buried it and covered it with cinderblocks. Sunday I cleaned up the area and covered it with flagstone, making a path from the side gate towards the front. I want to get some creeping thyme to plant between the stones to make it more visually appealing. And I dug up all the hostas on the other side of the house because they grow so rampantly and cover the path so we cannot help but walk all over them to get towards the back of the house. I don't know what exactly I'll plant there. Maybe I'll just cover it with brick pavers completely since I already did half the area last year. Those damn hostas are horrible to dig up!

I can't decide what to do today. I should head out to the nurser for groundcover since the boy took his motorcycle to work and left the Subaru here. Beetles aren't the best for transporting plants and rocks. Which reminds me, tomorrow the Beetle gets her tune-up. Maybe I should just clean out my car so I don't have to do it tomorrow morning. Then it would also be ready for the big drive.

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