Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Testing a 5k...

Hmmm... I speedwalked a 5k today. My time was 47:42 and my average pace was 9:30 minutes per kilometer. With practice maybe I can work that down to a 30 minute 5k. And then I still had to hang around after to try and get my new gym id card. It was supposed to be left at the front desk and it wasn't there. I was afraid the guy behind the counter would think I was scamming him! *laugh*

Right now I am sooooo hungry. I didn't eat anything before the gym and only had a few Fig Newtons when I got back. I used to dislike Fig Newtons and now I crave them. The running magazines say they are a good source of energy. And that is a scary thought, that I read running magazines. I typically steer clear of magazines but Runner's World is interesting reading. I actually want a subscription!

I still don't feel like a runner. I definitely don't look like a runner. I have the gear but not the body or mindset. I'm hoping that will change this year. Damned Disney marathon hurt my feelings.

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