Monday, March 17, 2008


Yesterday was the Chicago St. Patty's Day 5k. It was COLD! The boy came along with me with the camera so hopefully I'll get the photos from him to post soon. I'm not certain how many were signed up but I saw bibs with numbers into the 1500's. I was 171 and I'm just gonna continue telling myself I got a low number because I'm just that fast. *laugh* Anyway, even though it was kinda gloomy and very cold, I warmed up quickly once the race began. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was passed by many and I passed my share also. It wasn't until the loop swung back north that I felt the full force of the cold wind which made me question what in the hell I was doing out there. My eyes were watering and the air was stinging my lungs. (I still have a ragged wet cough from the cold wind burning my lungs.) I finished around 47:49 which was 00:26 slower than running at the gym but sounded good to me as running at the gym is always easier than running outside on uneven terrain. My first finish line crossing! And there were green bagels at the finish! The awards were held at Goose Island Brewery where there was a brunch buffet and a free beer for those with bibs. French toast has never tasted so good.

Running (with lots of walking) still seems foreign to me. I stood in the starting corral and felt out of place. I kept praying that there would be someone slower than me so I wasn't the last person to cross the finish line. I kept telling myself it was only 3.1 miles and I do more than that at the gym. After the fact I can say I did enjoy it but as usual, while I am doing it I always wonder "WTF?"

Now to prepare for the Race to Wrigley 5k where I get to finish under the Wrigley Field sign! Now that is the race I am looking forward to. It signals the start of baseball season and I get to run through the stadium!

Just a note to myself... skipping veggies the night before means no "intestinal disorders" during the run! I had a steak and potatoes with bread and not deadly urge to hit a port-o-let while I ran. My mind cannot fathom not eating veggies with every meal. It's just so wrong! But I'll skip 'em if it means I won't be begging for port-o-lets ever mile after the start.

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